Rhode Island Section


NTS stands for the National Traffic System. I believe that NTS is an integral part of emergency communications. To be a good communicator, you need to have NTS training be be proficient in NTS format messages as well as common practices such as directed traffic nets, etc. The SEC for R.I. has stated that he also believes that NTS training is an integral part of becoming an ARES communicator in the state.

As your STM I intend on providing you with the means to get trained and the opportunity to gain experience with that knowledge. To do that I need your help.

If you are an experienced NTS veteran:
Will you consider assisting in training sessions?

If you are an experienced NTS communicator:
Will you commit to being an Net Control Station for one of the training or traffic nets?

If you have a desire to be a better emergency communicator:
Will you give a small amount of your time to participate in NTS training?

All it takes is a few hours here and there to make a world of difference. Be part of the solution.

More information will be be posted here very soon so stop back.

Mark Titterington W1EOF
STM (Section Traffic Manager), RI